"The VHEDC is a private, non-profit organization established to further economic development in the City of Vadnais Heights, MN and surrounding areas." 

The goal of the Vadnais Heights Economic Development Corporation is to provide leadership, direction, coordination, and any other services to advance the cause of economic development activities in Vadnais Heights and the surrounding areas.  

The VHEDC has the expertise and resources to help you grow your business in Vadnais Heights and the surrounding areas. Browse our website for more information about our confidential services.

 2015 Keith Warner Memorial Golf Tournament

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Annual Keith Warner Memorial Golf Tournament features 18 holes of 4-person scramble golf, a welcome reception luncheon, and team photos. Our day is capped-off with a social hour and silent auction followed by a dinner program with a brief awards ceremony. This event has grown into one of the premier events of the VHEDC and a fantastic opportunity to interact with fellow Vadnais Heights Area Businesses. This year we are excited to have this event at the newly remodeled Dellwood Country Club!

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VHEDC:  What's in a name?

The VHEDC was founded in 1984 by a group of community and business leaders concerned about the economic growth of Vadnais Heights and the surrounding areas


  • Offer opportunities to network, gain business education, and serve the community
  • Lead partnerships with other economic development partners
  • Serve as a conduit for business resources at local, regional, and state levels
  • Advocate for local business concerns, speaking as a unified voice
  • Provide insights into real estate, financing, marketing/business trends
  • Facilitate business expansion and retention
  • Promote Vadnais Heights and the surrounding areas
  • Encourage improvements in infrastructure necessary for economic growth
  • Support workforce and training efforts that benefit the area
  • Listen and respond to local business concerns with confidentiality
  • Celebrate business achievement with annual business awards

I.C. System:

Not Your Father's Bill Collection Agency

Change is the one common thread that has consistently been woven into the fabric of this 76-Year old company. Rising to heights as one of the nation’s largest collection agencies and falling to lows of nearly going under in the turbulent times during the 1950’s, IC System has truly seen it all.

Located at the intersection of Highway 96 and McMenemy Street in Vadnais Heights, IC System is one of Vadnais Heights’ largest employers with nearly 400 people working out of their 80,000 Square Foot Headquarters. John Erickson, President of IC System, grew up learning the family business from his father and mother, and even his grandmother Ruth Johnson who, along with her husband Jack, founded IC System in 1938.

The Erickson Family has preserved their ownership since the company’s start and continues to operate the business today. John is President; his brother, Joe Erickson is Operations Manager at company headquarters; and their mother, Barb Erickson, is Chairman and CEO. It’s a true family affair, with 9 family members and in-laws working in one capacity or another to continue the family business.

One reason the company has lasted so long is their ability to roll with the punches. Increasing regulatory oversight from agencies such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has led to some changes throughout the company in recent years. Increased regulation has narrowed focus on protecting consumer interests, but businesses across the country are still in need of assistance in collecting on past due accounts. Successful agencies have handled this industry change and learned how to thrive in the new, kinder, gentler age of debt collection.

“We’ve run the numbers and it’s true, you catch my flies with honey than with vinegar—and we collect more money by being helpful, consultative and pleasant,” said John Erickson. “Compliance with the new laws and regulations is the name of the game. We have devoted a great deal of resources ensuring that we’re following the laws and doing things the right way, each and every time.”

Take IC System’s Call Quality program, which was initiated years before many agencies in the collection industry had tried anything like it. The goal of this program is to treat consumers in a fair, civil manner, providing a service not only to IC System’s clients, but also to consumers by helping them clean up their credit. Through rigorous training, monitoring, and scoring, their bill collectors are driven to provide a better consumer-considerate experience. What’s more, by making their bill collectors responsible for the content of their calls just as much as how much they collect, IC System ties a positive consumer experience to bill collector compensation.

Their recent honors and recognitions prove IC System’s mission “to be the best, most trusted, accounts receivable management company” have not gone unnoticed. IC System is a two-time Finalist for the Better Business Bureau’s prestigious Torch Awards for Integrity. They also received an award for Family Leadership from Twin Cities Business Magazine’s Business of The Year Award. But these honors are just one outcome of IC System’s hard work.

The company also participates in monthly charitable events through their Employee Community Help Organization (E.C.H.O.). This employee-based charity group was founded in 1981, and its members seek out ways for IC System’s employees to donate funds or volunteer for various charitable efforts. Consider E.C.H.O.’s efforts in 2014 alone: they organized a Blood Mobile a blood drive at Vadnais Heights office; provided meals to the Ronald McDonald House in Gillette Children’s Hospital, located in Downtown St. Paul; raised over $1,200 in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event; made and donated blankets to the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota; donated to Toys for Tots; and held an annual Charity Golf Tournament whose proceeds went to ARMing Heroes and the St. Jude Children’s Hospital charities.

Strong communities, both in the immediate Vadnais Heights area and beyond, are important to IC System. This notion has shaped their recent business development strategies. In 2014, the company launched a Main Street Recovery Services division dedicated to serving small and mid-level businesses, which they feel are the foundation of any strong community. Many collection agencies rely on larger businesses to drive their revenue, but since its inception, IC System has built a foundation of smaller businesses to provide its most stable revenue stream. IC System takes pride in Main Street’s ability to offer a diverse and useful service through a wide range of industries and businesses some 8,000 clients strong.

More than ever, small businesses benefit from the level of service IC System offers. In addition to collection services, they also provide educational webinars and blogs that inform their clients about changing industry laws, increased regulation, and how business owners can prepare their own companies for the current and forthcoming changes. IC System considers compliance with federal and state laws extremely important, not only for their own company but for their clients as well. Providing good service does not stop at collecting more dollars than their competitors collect; IC System wants to ensure its clients are as well prepared for industry changes as they are.

In that sense, IC System considers each business relationship a partnership rooted in service, awareness, and education, some of which are concepts far removed from the bill collection agencies of the past. And so, in light of these changes both inside and outside the company, IC System is truly not your father’s collection agency. 

Invest in the Future TODAY! 

The Board of the Directors of the VHEDC is proud to announce changing our supporters from members to INVESTORS.  Focusing on the long term vitality of the business environment of Vadnais Heights and the surrounding areas, we invite you to be a be a part of the future by investing today.

Invest in Your Business

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2014 Keith Warner Standards of Excellence Award Recipients

This annual honor is bestowed on area businesses who have shown a singular degree of excellence in the areas of business success, philanthropy and community spirit.


This annual honor is bestowed on area businesses who have shown a singular degree of excellence in the areas of business success, philanthropy and community spirit.

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The VHEDC provides an important conduit of information and resources for the business community of Vadnais Heights and the surrounding areas.  We focus on attracting new business opportunities to the region as well as assisting in the retention and expansion of existing businesses. Forming and fostering key relationships with partner organizations is one of the strongest assets that VHEDC brings to the community.

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