The VHEDC Board is comprised of business leaders from the Vadnais Heights Area businesses who have an interest in the seeing the business climate thrive. Directors are elected to 2-year terms, and they meet monthly to foster, develop and implement creative networking, business development, and positive outcomes for the business community as a whole.

Each month the VHEDC Board of Directors holds its meetings at an area business. This format of “On-Location” Board Meetings creates multiple opportunities. It allows VHEDC Board Members to interact directly with area businesses to more tangibly understand the challenges and opportunities facing area business leaders.

The meetings also allow area businesses an opportunity to host a meeting. Meetings are generally held the first Wednesday of each month from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 am. If your business is interested in hosting a Board Meeting, please contact our Executive Director for more information.

Liz Moscatelli
Liz MoscatelliVHEDC Executive Director
Debby Gustafson
Debby GustafsonVHEDC President
Vice President & Senior Loan Officer, Twin Cities Metro CDC
Eric Johannes
Eric JohannesVHEDC Vice President
Director of Corporate Marketing, I.C. System
Becky Bjorgum
Becky BjorgumVHEDC Past President
Vice President of Human Resources, Innovize
Mary Buerkle-Grant
Mary Buerkle-GrantVHEDC Secretary
Chief Operating Officer, Buerkle Automotive Group
Brian Deuel
Brian DeuelVHEDC Treasurer
Audit Associate, Olsen Thielen & Co., Ltd
Jill Funck
Jill FunckBoard Member
Global Manager of Learning and Development, H.B. Fuller
Matthew Heimann
Matthew HeimannBoard Member
Structural Engineer, Larson Engineering
Mark Duea
Mark DueaBoard Member
Attorney at Law, GDO Law
Marty Welch
Marty WelchBoard Member
Children’s Discovery Academy
Colette Jurek
Colette JurekBoard Member
Manager of Local Government Relations & Economic Development, Xcel Energy
Callie Koeniger
Callie Koeniger Board Member
Senior Corporate Responsibility Specialist, Cummins
Larry Raddatz
Larry RaddatzBoard Member
Customized Training Director
Scott Haupt
Scott HauptBoard Member
Senior Professional Engineer, Short, Eliott, Hendrickson
Rob Thomas
Rob ThomasBoard Member
Executive Director, Lakeshore Players Theatre
Kyle Sommer
Kyle SommerBoard Member
Strategic Account Manager, Toshiba Business Solutions
Sara Stafki
Sara StafkiBoard Member
Assistant Vice President, F&M Bank
Thomas Voegele
Thomas VoegeleBoard Member
Business Account Executive, Comcast Business
Kevin Whelan
Kevin WhelanVHEDC Past President
President, Peoples Bank Midwest
Wayne Kazmierczak
Wayne KazmierczakBoard Member
Assistant Superintendent, White Bear Lake Area Schools
Ed Jambor
Ed JamborBoard Member
Vice President of Business Banking, Lake Area Bank
Cindy O'Donovan
Cindy O'DonovanBoard Member
Consultant & Owner, Right4 Your Business
Joy Vander Heiden
Joy Vander HeidenBoard Member
Human Resources Manager, Schwing America
Mike Pelto
Mike PeltoBoard Member
Retail Managing Officer, MidwestOne Bank
Nancy Zylla
Nancy ZyllaAdvisor
Vice President of Human Resources, Impact Group
Gerry Urban
Gerry UrbanVHEDC Advisor
Owner, Urban Farm’s and Greenhouses
Mike Enright
Mike EnrightAdvisor
CEO, Cities Credit Union

Tell us why you joined the VHEDC and whether others should participate as well:

Peoples Bank Midwest joined VHEDC to partner with other like minded individuals and companies who want to promote economic growth in the community. Our bank’s staff has enjoyed being a part of VHEDC, working on several volunteer committees has allowed our staff to continue to develop their skill set. Frequently we recommend to area businesses the benefit of joining the organization as a way get connected in the local business community.
Kevin Whelan, People's Bank Midwest
Joining VHEDC is an opportunity for me to learn more about the community, network with other business professionals in the area and meet the city leaders. It also allows me to better understand the opportunities and challenges that face the community and gives me an opportunity to give back.
Becky Bjorgum, Innovize
The VHEDC is a great fit for me because working at the Central Bank White Bear Lake branch lets me work with businesses in our community, build relationships with these businesses and board members through the work the VHEDC does. I would definitely recommend VHEDC to others as the organization is committed to seeing the area businesses succeed.
Marguerite DeFore, MidWestOne Bank
Our company is located in the Vadnais Heights community and I wanted to do my part to contribute to the betterment of the business climate. I think having a strong network of support from nearby businesses only helps to ensure success for all.
Eric Johannes, I.C. System
Our company is located in the Vadnais Heights community and I wanted to do my part to contribute to the betterment of the business climate. I think having a strong network of support from nearby businesses only helps to ensure success for all.
Debby Gustafson, Twin Cities-Metro CDC
H.B. Fuller is a major employer in the Vadnais Heights. It is a great opportunity for me to represent the company and to connect with the community.
Jill Funck, H.B. Fuller
We joined the VHEDC as part of the business community and support for its mission. We continue to enjoy meeting, working and supporting new and existing members. We would definitely recommend others to join and are proud to be a part of this exciting organization!
Robert Morse, MidCountry Bank
I originally joined the VHEDC for an opportunity to network with other business people in our community. Although that has been a great opportunity, I have also gained a lot of helpful resources to help our company continue running successfully in the best and worst of economic times.

To have a source of experts willing to help you when the need arises has been absolutely priceless. The best example of this type of neighborly team work came to us when they proposed using Talmage Circle as an avenue to relocate the extra dirt generated when they were building the new Sports Dome. I had many concerns for the safety of our children and their parents with hundreds of construction trucks coming back and forth in front of our business. The relationships we had gained with City of Vadnais Heights, the City Council, the City planner and the construction company themselves through the help of VHEDC was instrumental in allowing us to come up with a compromise that assured me our business (our families) would not be negatively effected by this development in our community. The teamwork and support we received from our surrounding businesses made what originally looked like a very difficult time into a very safe and painless experience.

The general rule is, if you have a problem that you feel like you don’t have the resources to solve, just ask for some help. Chances are at least one of the members of the VHEDC can help guide you to a solution. It is as simple as being a good neighbor. If businesses in our community are thriving and succeeding it will benefit us all!

Marty Welch, Children's Discovery Academy
I joined the VHEDC board as a way to get involved in the local business community. Being involved in the VHEDC has strengthened my company’s relationship with the City of Vadnais Heights.
Sean O'Brien
The VHEDC keeps its members informed and actively participates in relationships with businesses, the city and our community to keep everyone connected!
Nancy Zylla, Impact Group
I joined to contribute to the health and prosperity of the community that I call home. I have been a resident of Vadnais Heights/White Bear Lake for over 20 years and take a personnel interest to the businesses that make Vadnais their home as well.
Linda Reber, All Medical Personnel
I am excited to join the board for several reasons! The community has been good to me both professionally and personally and this is a way to give back some of my time and experience to a great organization in the area. I greatly enjoy strategic planning and hope to offer my own experience as a value. It is also my hope to continue developing professionally by learning from the collective board members throughout the experiences that we will undoubtedly share.
Kyle Sommer, Toshiba Business Solutions
Lakeshore Players Theater has provided live-performance dramas, comedies, and musicals in the northeast metro for 63 years. 2016, however, marks a turning point in our history, as we plan to break ground on a brand new performing arts center this year. That means our board and staff are working harder than ever to connect with local businesses and organizations and bring the joy of quality live theater to all. I am happy to serve the VHEDC board and look forward to supporting its many great initiatives in the northeast metro community.
Michael Spellman, Lakeshore Players Theater