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We are looking for cutting edge manufacturers, industry and trades leaders who can offer engage youth with a sampling of the type of skills they would use in a career with your business.

Photos from April 30th Wunderkammer as a part of the NE Community Expo!

Join us for a unique approach to connect career opportunties to youth in an innovative way! The VHEDC has partnered with the Sundance Foundation to host a Wunderkammer Career Exploratorium on Tuesday, July 18th from noon to 4pm at the Maplewood YMCA.

The event is designed to briefly engage and explore careers that are not familiar to youth. These small-scale sharing sessions allow seasoned technicians to talk about their own personal excitement for their fields.

Shared conversations and afternoons of micro-mentoring lead youth, particularly those with little means, to discover unexplored career paths and attainable livable wage jobs.

We are seeking businesses and organizations who want to showcase work oportunities in a hands-on way to spark youth interest. There will be a variety of youth joining us for the day for you to interact with!  We anticipate 200+ youth age 16-23 from over 20 youth social entrepreneurship programs who are exploring attainable career options.

We are focused on showcasing hands-on activities and demos.  Think about how you plan to interact with youth: do you have a hands-on activity or a demo you can repeat throughout the day? If you are intrigued, interested but unsure, please contact us for more assistance!!

Pre-registration is required.

There is no cost to participate but we are asking businesses to consider a $100 donation toward the cost of hosting the event. Each participating business will receive a 10 by 10 space. 7 ft tables are provided.

Your support is much appreciated. In addtion, we are seeking sponsorships for this event. If you are interested, please contact Ling Becker.

Register for Wunderkammer July 18