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  • Network with peers
  • Grow your knowledge base and career
  • Learn how other companies handle similar situations

Last Tuesday of each month, 11:30-12:45 at Country Inn & Suite Vadnais Heights. Cost is $150.00 for all 5 sessions. Includes lunch and exclusive access to HR resources related to monthly topics.

Tues 1/29/19 – Employment Law:  What you need to know!

Leaders are responsible for minimizing risk and maintaining compliance with constantly changing rules and regulations – and what you don’t know CAN hurt you!  Costs spent on defense and damages are in the millions of dollars.  Hiring and firing decisions, FLSA misclassifications, wages and benefits involve a range of employment laws, along with actions in the workplace, including harassment and discrimination.  We’ll review the latest issues in this session.

Tues 2/26/19 – Employee Relations & Engagement: 

Changing expectations of employers and the workforce, technology, and increasing competition have heightened the challenge of finding, keeping, and engaging employees.  Higher engagement of employees leads to greater company performance results and can be attained through effective business management and human resources practices.  Discussion will include practical ideas from successful companies.    

Tues 3/26/19 – Respectful Workplace Communication & Conflict Management:

A respectful workplace is one where people treat each other with civility, respect, politeness and courtesy.  It is absent of negative and degrading comments and conflicts are resolved timely and amicably.  Understanding others’ perspectives and common interests is essential to building trust.  Discussion will include key components of workplace communication, potential areas of conflict and expectations for managing them.

 Tues 4/30/18 – Managing Generations & Cultural Diversity:

A diverse workforce brings great value to the organization.  A wide range of ideas, culture, generations, experiences, and skills enables the organization to respond to an increasingly global and diverse marketplace. Creativity and innovation is enhanced by the diverse range of ideas and perspectives – and so is the potential for misunderstanding.  Discussion will include ideas for encouraging openness and acknowledging what and how people from diverse backgrounds can learn from each other. 

Tues 5/28/19 – Building Your Talent Pipeline:

With unemployment at 2.9%, it is widely known that it is difficult to find applicants to fill open jobs.  However there are still many potential untapped resources for finding good applicants.  We’ll explore these untapped resources, strategies for finding and attracting applicants, and best practices for evaluating their skills and abilities to build your talent pipeline.


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